Lucas Marchand, one of our Resident Musicians, is a member of Cadence, the amazing a cappella quartet that will be performing at First’s annual fundraiser for Regent Park School of Music. This isn’t a coincidence. There is a history worth sharing, and it is made up of two discoveries…

Unitarians discovered Cadence: A year ago Lucas was invited to become a full time member of Cadence, replacing long time member Aaron Jensen. This was a high point in Lucas’s musical career—being invited to work with such a renowned and respected group of musicians. Lucas was formally welcomed into Cadence at a concert given last May at Hugh’s Room in Toronto. A group of choir members from First attended his first performance to offer a show of support for Lucas. It was love at first sound for the choir members; they were swept away by the musical talent of these four men.

Cadence Discovered Lucas: It is not only Lucas’s talent that landed him a long term gig with Cadence. As he tells the story, it’s all about who you know: For Lucas, this began with his friendship with Dallas Bergen, fellow chorister at the University of Victoria Chamber Singers. This important friendship was forged while performing, travelling together and collaborating over several years. Eventually Dallas invited Lucas to First Unitarian where he became one of our first resident musicians. Next Lucas crossed paths with Aaron Jensen when they were both involved with Univox, Dallas Bergen’s community choir. This meeting proved to be timely, since Aaron was beginning to plan his exit from Cadence. Lucas started out as Aaron’s sub and threw himself into learning the Cadence repertoire. When Aaron was ready to leave the group, Carl, Ross and Kurt offer Lucas the job without hesitation.

Since he joined Cadence the group has toured across three European countries and sung at a Kite Festival in Singapore. First Unitarian should consider itself lucky that this Toronto-based group is willing to do a Toronto based concert so close to home—in Sunderland Hall on Saturday April 6th. It will be a spectacular evening—Lucas and his musical friends offer a unique performance that you won’t want to miss. And it is their generosity that will allow the event to raise funds for Regent Park School of Music. Tickets and event information will be available during coffee hour on February 23rd.