For the third year 'ClimateFasters' will be holding a fast and vigil on Parliament Hill from September 28 - October 2 with plenty of climate action in between, including intergenerational, interfaith and activist conversations in various locales in downtown Ottawa along with some exciting new documentaries, culminating in a 'Climate Fastival' to bring attention to our Parliamentarians to act now on behalf of people and the planet.

Would you be ready to write your MP between Sept 21 and October 2nd, with Climatefast's 3 asks - namely 1) end fossil fuel subsidies 2) put a price on carbon 3) develop a renewable energy plan for Canada? ClimateFasters will be on Parliament Hill during that time, and the more letters that are sent to our MPs the more likely they will pledge to prepare to take action. We know the climate crisis must be addressed by the next Parliament in 2015, so we want MPs to come with that commitment.
There is a sample letter to MPs with email addresses on the Climatefast website.

Would you be able to invite five others, family, friends, and neighbours, to join in this action? Will you also invite them to take the individual pledge on line? You could invite them to a letter writing gathering at your house. Handwritten letters make the strongest impression on MPs!
While letters are the most important action, you may also wish to participate by joining a carbon fast or food fast on the 1st of the month, for example October 1st, or even by joining us on Parliament Hill for a day or more in Ottawa. The program for the week can be found on our website below
We look forward to hearing back from you and thank you again for your contribution to a safer climate future for all of us.
We are making a difference!

Margaret Rao
Rev. Frances Deverell
ClimateFast Team Members

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