This religious community has no creed, so becoming a member does not involve a declaration of faith or an allegiance to any code. It is important however, for members to support the principles and Purposes of Unitarian Universalism; as they are the foundation for how we relate to one and other. The absence of a creed does not diminish the importance of this decision, if anything even greater care should be taken in making this commitment.

Since its founding in 1845, generations of highly committed members have worked diligently to create what you now experience as Toronto First. Out of respect for what our predecessors have built here, please take the following steps before choosing to join this community:

  1. Attend a Newcomer Information Meeting
  2. Attend Worship services for a while
  3. Get involved, join activities go to events. Browse through the Adult Program brochure. Read about the different groups and committees to find one that sparks your interest. Join a small group. Offer to help an R.E. teacher. Sign up for a course. A spirit of generosity and commitment develops over time and is the result of regular attendance in worship and active participation in our programs. If an activity you’re interested in isn’t scheduled, talk to the Director of Lifespan Religious Education and offer to facilitate it yourself! Run your own program or use one of the adult curriculums we have on file.
  4. Do your homework, ask lots of questions and get to know us. Enroll in a “UU & You” fall or spring session.
  5. Carefully consider the responsibilities of membership:
    • Are you ready to choose a religious home and make a commitment to it?
    • Do you hope to give, as well as receive?
    • Will you readily share your time, talents, and financial resources?
    • Do you intend to nurture the belonging that you seek?

If your answers to these questions are yes, then:

  1. Contact the Newcomer Services Coordinator, Diane Wagner This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out the date of the next Joining Ceremony and get forms to fill in.
  2. Complete the forms at home:
    • New Member Autobiography (under 50 words)
    • Member Record
    • Pledge form
    • Skills and Interests Record
  3. Put the completed forms in an envelope and leave it in the “Membership” mailbox outside the office at least one week prior to joining, or submit This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  4. Determine when you would like to participate in a Joining Ceremony. (Ceremonies are conducted twice a year during worship services. The ceremony can also be held in private, if you prefer.)
  5. Mark your calendar and invite your family and friends to attend the ceremony.

New Member Joining Ceremony

Before the service, New Members are treated coffee and snacks so they can meet their fellow new members, and hear our Minister, Rev. Shawn Newton, explain the logistics of the ceremony.

Get more information about the Benefits of Membership and Responsibilities of Membership.