Date Sermon Title (Sunday services start at 10:30 am) Preacher/Participant
May 28 "Sweet, Impossible Blossom" Rev. Shawn Newton and Danielle Webber
June 4 "Looking to the Future" Danielle Webber
June 11 "Leap Before You Look" Rev. Shawn Newton
June 18 Kairos Blanket Exercise Danielle Webber
June 25 "The Longest Days" Rev. Lynn Harrison


Theme-Based Ministry

Themes for 2016/2017: What does it mean to be a people of ...?

    Month Theme   Month Theme   Month Theme
  September Invitation   December Expectation   March Simplicity
  October Blessing   January Creation   April Resistance
  November Letting Go   February Love & Justice   May Compassion


Learn more about Theme-Based Ministry, the monthly themes and our approach to this style of ministry.