The Courage to Be

Date: Sunday, November 03, 2013 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton.

This month, we take up the theme of courage. It’s a word that conjures images of valiant heroes, of people who've shown remarkable bravery. Less often do we associate the word with the struggles most of us encounter in our day-to-day lives. Yet, for many of us, it takes tremendous courage just to get out of bed in the morning. On Sunday, I’ll be talking about the courage we summon simply to be alive.

In celebration of Diwali, Lisa will be playing an excerpt from Phillip Glass’s mesmerizing Satyagraha and the choir will be singing Eleanor Daley’s setting of Kalidasa's “Salutation to the Dawn.”

Finally, remember to set your clocks back before bedtime and enjoy the added hour of sleep!

In faith,

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