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We welcomed our first Lay Pastors in December 2012 with this litany.

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Litany for the Installation of Our Lay Pastors

Minister: Because we, as Unitarian Universalists, recognise the ability of all-clergy and lay people alike—to provide and practice meaningful ministry in the world, we covenant with our Lay Pastors, affirming the work they now take up among us: to listen to the hopes and fears of our  hearts and hold in sacred trust the concerns that come into our lives.

President: [Named Lay Pastors], as we covenant with you, will you uphold this sacred trust to be a compassionate and pastoral presence to those in our congregation who seek out support and understanding? Will you draw wide the circle of your care and concern, knowing that each life is precious and deserves to be honoured in both struggle and success? Will you join with Shawn and our Intern Ministers, and with the Caring Committee and Pastoral Care Team, in responding to the best of your ability to tend the pastoral needs of our congregation?

Lay Pastors: We will.

Congregation: [Named Lay Pastors], we give thanks that you take upon your shoulders the privilege and responsibility of serving us as Lay Pastors. We charge you with upholding our Unitarian Universalist values in all you do, dealing sensitively and respectfully with all whom you may encounter.

Lay Pastors: Members and Friends, we are grateful for the trust that you have bestowed upon us by installing us as your Lay Pastors. We shall endeavour to fulfill our roles with compassion, patience, and love. We promise to listen to the depths of your concern without judgment in the hopes that you will find strength and encouragement for your life’s Journey.

Congregation Benediction: We give thanks for all the ways that you, as our Lay Pastors, will serve this community of memory and hope. May you both be held and honoured by this community that empowers you in this good work.

We perform litanies as part of our Sunday Service when we formally recogize our new members or when our members take on significant roles within the congregation.


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