Womynspirit Festival

Date: Sunday, October 28, 2018
Duration: All Day

All women are invited to join us for our annual Womynspirit Festival Oct. 26 - Oct. 28.

WomynSpirit was born at Unicamp 27 years ago during a “Cakes for the Queen of Heaven” course. We celebrate the individual and collective power of women to build a better, more compassionate world. Gathering for ritual, workshops and retreat at Samhainin the beautiful Hockley Valley, we reach into the world beyond to learn and remember, celebrate our ancestors and our Beloved Dead, grieve and let go. A final all-ages ritual provides moments of celebration and closure.

Workshops provide a wonderful opportunity to share our experience and build community. An entirely volunteer-run event, WomynSpirit is based on a spirit of inclusiveness that acknowledges, respects and welcomes all women’s spirituality. We invite women (including transwomen) of all ages and backgrounds to this women-only, alcohol-free and scent-free event.

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