Turning toward the Morning

Date: Sunday, April 16, 2017 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton.

You may have heard there are serious discussions underway to come to a common, fixed date for Easter. Pope Francis and leaders of the Orthodox, Coptic, and Anglican Churches have been in dialogue over the past couple of years to agree upon a shared system for determining the date for the most important date in the Christian calendar. If this goes forward—and it seems it just might, after many previous efforts have failed—in five to ten years, Easter would always occur on a given Sunday in mid-April. There would be advantages to this, to be sure.

A significant disadvantage to my mind, though, is that Easter won't likely align with Passover, or at least not as frequently as it currently does. For me, there is something powerful about taking the messages of these two religious holidays together. As a preacher, I find it fruitful to sit with what both traditions have to say, side by side. This year, more than most, I’m looking to what Passover and Easter have to say to us about resistance, and I’m finding there are enduring messages for us to hear. I look forward to celebrating these two traditions with you all on Sunday, and welcoming the renewal of the natural world all around us, too.

Happy Passover! Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

In faith and love,

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