Here Together

Date: Sunday, June 03, 2018 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Rev. Lynn Harrison.

As the composer David Glasgow wrote, "We are here together in this holy moment."

When we come together in congregational life, we invite ourselves into many moments that can indeed be thought "holy" or whole: moments of challenge, change, growth and grace. Sometimes the moments we experience may be difficult. But through it all, we can find meaning and purpose as part of a larger whole.

On Sunday June 3rd, we'll welcome a wonderful group of new members to First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto, entering into a deeper relationship with each and all of them. Also, we honour and celebrate the many volunteers who make this place "tick," with a very special "thank-you" to take home. We'll hear an inspiring reflection on pastoral care at our congregation, be uplifted by our choir, and delight in the artwork of Colin van Zwyndregt and Lucinda Vandenieuwegiessen, whose exhibit will be officially opened at a reception after service today.

This will be my last Sunday with you until August 12th. I hope you enjoy a restful and renewing summer season with Curtis Murphy and Rev. Carly Gaylor, as they reflect on the many seasons of our lives. As always, pastoral care through the Listening Ministry team of lay pastors is here for you during the summer.

Thank you for being here, together in community, with all of us at First Unitarian. See you on Sunday!

Rev. Lynn

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