Break Not the Circle: Death, Ancestry, and the Wholeness of Life

Date: Sunday, June 17, 2018 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Curtis Murphy.

It will be a pleasure to return to Toronto First this Sunday as one of your summer ministers. My partner, Rev. Carly Gaylor, was with you last week, and together we look forward to ministry with you over the next two months.

In worship this summer, we will be exploring a series on the stages and transitions of our lives, starting with death and ending with birth. When we gather this Sunday, we will reflect on the rituals that surround death, with consideration of practices from both our culture and others. What does embodied grief look like? What role does ritual play in death and grief? How do we understand death in the context of our own lives and the lives of people who have gone before us? How might we think about death differently? We will also honour Father's Day and take a special collection to support the work of our congregation's Reconciliation Working Group, in honour of National Indigenous Day June 21st.

Special note: This Sunday there will be a special real estate congregational meeting and vote, hosted by the Real Estate Task Force. Please plan to stay after the service for lunch, followed by the meeting.

Yours on the journey,
Curtis Murphy
Summer Minister

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