The Pains of Growing

Date: Sunday, July 08, 2018 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Danielle Webber.

I am so excited to be worshiping with Toronto First again! Having been away from the congregation for the last year, I will soon be leaving the city of Toronto and heading back west, to serve the Kelowna Unitarians church. I will be leaving next week to spend the summer with family and friends in Alberta and Saskatchewan, before heading to Kelowna in August.

But first, please join me in an exploration of humanity: (h)yo͞oˈmanədē

  1. Compassionate, sympathetic, or generous: the quality or state of being human.
  2. The totality of human beings: the human race.

With the two very different definitions of humanity, what does it mean to be exploring the growth of humanity? And what really is the difference? We will be looking at how our personal and spiritual growth is different to the growth of human beings, and the human race – trying to understand the pros and cons to how the growth of humans has affected humans.

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