Still: Hold a Stillness

Date: Sunday, December 09, 2018 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton & Tracey Erin Smith.

This Sunday, I’m delighted to welcome one of my dearest friends to join me in our pulpit. In place of the sermon, Tracey Erin Smithand I will engage in a discussion about peacemaking, building on her recent work with the Compassionate Listening Projectin Israel and Palestine. As we move deeper into our December series of services on Stillness, our conversation will explore the role that stilling ourselves can play in transforming conflict and cultivating peace in ourselves and in our world. This Sunday we will honour Human Rights Day by lifting up the work of Amnesty International, and we’ll celebrate Chanukah, with the help of our Jewish friends, by kindling of the lights of our menorah.

Many of you may recall Tracey’s previous visits to our pulpit or will be familiar with her work as the Artistic Director of Soulo Theatre. (She was the instigator and co-collaborator in creating “The Clergy Project,” the show I’ve been a part of in recent years with Rabbi Elyse Goldstein and Father Daniel Brereton.) Though Tracey abandoned her plans to become a rabbi long ago, the truth is that she does incredible ministry in our city and beyond through the powerful vehicle of theatre. One of the things I most admire about Tracey is her passion for hearing people’s stories, even when, or, more accurately, especially when she doesn’t share the same values or outlook. Her open-heartedness astounds and inspires me, so I look forward to having her share her wisdom with us on Sunday.

I should add that Tracey and I are also in the beginning stages of creating a podcast series together. So, our time in the pulpit on Sunday will be a bit of an experiment to see if our routinely animated conversations over breakfast or dinner have meaning for a larger audience!

Wishing you stillness in this hectic season,


Please Enter in Quiet

For the "Still" series of worship services during the month of December, we'll enter the sanctuary in silence, and enjoy a few minutes of quiet reflection before our service begins. Feel free to meet and greet your friends in Workman Hall or the narthex beforehand. We hope you enjoy these times of quiet during the holiday season.

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