The Examined Life: What have I done?

Date: Sunday, November 18, 2018 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton.

We live in truly bewildering times. Earlier generations have felt this way, too, though, arguably, the stakes have never been quite so high. Modern life calls to us with the promise of countless, encouraging innovations at the same time it confronts us with the peril of a number of daunting crises—so many of which are of our own making. In this context we are continually asked to consider what we have done, and what we will do. To be alive is to face an endless array of choices. On Sunday, we’ll look at the choices we make, both individually and as a community.

This week, we will also say a significant farewell. After ten years of dedicated service as our pianist, Lisa Iwasaki's final service with us will be this coming Sunday. Lisa has been considering making a change for a while. The Executive Committee and Worship team, in discussion with Lisa, agreed that leaving now honours her needs and also gives us time to make new arrangements as we move into the holiday season with its added demands. We are deeply grateful to Lisa for her tireless commitment and for sharing her gifts with us in such wonderful ways. She will be missed. We will send her forward on Sunday with our best wishes!

Next week, Lynn will bring our “Examined Life” series to an end. For the month of December, our series is entitled: “Still.” We envision this upcoming series, at a busy time of year, as an invitation to slow down and reconnect with that which sustains us.

In faith and love,

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