The Myth of Certainty

Date: Sunday, March 22, 2020 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton.


In the span of a week, much of what so many of us took to be “normal life” has been upended by the extraordinary measures we’re all being asked to follow in hopes of flattening the curve of the spread of the coronavirus. I know this change of circumstances is proving difficult for many people, especially in light of the possibility that these measures may be in place for months rather than weeks. Every one of us is being asked to rearrange our lives as a result. Remember that doing so is ultimately an act of love—for life, for neighbour, for our nearest and dearest, and for ourselvesl. As I said in last Sunday’s online service, keep reminding yourself of the deeper reason you are—we are—doing this.

It was good to be together on Sunday, via Zoom and YouTube. While we’ll continue to iron out the technical glitches, what matters most is our being able to connect with each other in these uncertain times of physical distancing. For this Sunday’s service, I’ll be reflecting on the acceptance of uncertainty.

Going forward, we will meet each Sunday at 10:30am for a simple service and a virtual “coffee hour”. Every Tuesday at noon, I will host a drop-in conversation and check-in that will include a chalice lighting and reading and time for shared silence. Rev. Lynn will facilitate a similar drop-in conversation on Thursday evenings at 7:30.

As well, most of our Journey Groups will continue to meet, but now online rather than in-person. If you would like to join a Journey Group, please let me know.

We are expanding our existing caring ministries and Engage & Connect structures to help provide pastoral and practical support to anyone in the congregation who would like it. You can find more information about how to request help or volunteer to provide assistance with grocery or prescription delivery.

Let us be gentle with ourselves and each other in these coming days.

In faith and love,

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