Getting to Know You

Date: Sunday, March 09, 2014 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Lynn Harrison, Intern Minister.

March 8th is International Women's Day. This Sunday at First Unitarian, we join with women and men around the world in marking this important event, as we continue to explore this month's theme of "knowing." Plus, we'll hear a preview of #Seventh, the afternoon concert generously presented by the resident musicians of First Unitarian, which will take place at 2pm this Sunday afternoon.

Getting to know ourselves and others in the context of a changing world, we gain insight gradually through our interconnection, joining our voices towards hope and justice.

As always, we hope to get to know you better...and look forward to seeing you this Sunday, both for the morning service and the afternoon concert! If you're staying for both, join us for lunch and board games in Workman Hall before the show. (A special reminder: don't forget to set your clocks forward one hour on Saturday night, for daylight savings time.)

Lynn Harrison
Intern Minister

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