Stepping into our second Nature

Date: Sunday, September 04, 2016 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Michael Battenberg.

I’ve been reminded recently when I’ve told people I hope they’ve had a wonderful summer, that summer is not yet over. True enough!

While it’s been a hot, long summer — and though the autumnal equinox is still three weeks away with this weekend, for many if not most of us, summer comes to an end. School will start on Tuesday for children across the city. The 10-day forecast shows cooler days and nights ahead. And north of the city, you can now occasionally glimpse a spot of orange on an otherwise still-green tree. Autumn is coming. But before it arrives, may we enjoy the blessings of summer a little while longer.

For those joining us on this Labour Day Sunday, it will be a treat to hear our own Michel Battenberg’s sermon, “Stepping into Our Second Nature.” Michael is best known to many of us as a photographer of bugs. His close-up photographs of insects have been included in our art gallery in Sunderland Hall many times over the years. This year, he released his new photo book, Portraits of an Overlooked World. Needless to say, Michael offers a unique perspective of the world around us. His sermons are always an invitation to encounter the natural world — the only world there really is — in a different way than our urban lives typically allow.

May we all savour the last of summer!

In faith and love,