Congregational Meeting

Date: Sunday, April 30, 2017 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

The Real Estate Task Force will hold a congregational meeting after the service to present and discuss important matters related to the potential sale and relocation of our congregational building. Our engagement with the real estate market has proceeded as authorized by congregational vote in September 2016, and we have significant activities to discuss.

Childcare and lunch ($5 suggested donation) will be provided.

While there will not be a vote at this meeting, we encourage you to attend. Please also mark your calendar for two additional dates when votes may be called: June 11 and June 18. As per our by-laws, any vote will be available to those who have signed the membership book, are 18 years of age or older, and have made an identifiable financial contribution (of any amount) to the Operating Budget of the congregation during the immediately preceding twelve months. We would love full participation in any vote, and we encourage all to confirm their eligibility in advance.

In this last weekly update before our meeting, we’d like to share with you a list of possible scenarios for what our home might look like after a successful transition:

  • “Buy Small” — that is, find a suitable building with just enough space for us.
  • “Buy Big” — buy a larger property that includes significant income-generating space.
  • Equity Partnership — own a space in cooperation with other organizations.
  • Leasing — hold a long-term lease but do not own a property.
  • Partner with a new development (e.g. a condo) on our current site.
  • These will be discussed in detail at the meeting this coming Sunday. Also, please refer to the RETF Key Messages document.

    Previous Update(s)

    Look for weekly updates from now until April 30 about the steps we are taking in this overall project. To recap our starting point, here are the reasons why we are taking these steps:

  • We can’t afford to stay.
  • Our building is not comfortably accessible.
  • Our spaces don’t work for us anymore.
  • There is no satisfying renovation option.
  • The value of our property, our biggest financial asset, is especially high right now.
  • Developers have not proposed satisfying plans to share this location.
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