Annual Congregational Budget Meeting

Date: Sunday, February 24, 2019 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

All congregants are invited to attend the Annual Budget Meeting of First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto, in Sunderland Hall. The agenda will include presentation of the Board-recommended budget for First’s operations in 2019, followed by discussion and a congregational vote. You will be able to review the budget in advance one week prior to the meeting; it will be available via First Light or in the Office.

[Please note that eligibility to vote requires being a registered member and having made an identified financial contribution - of any amount - in support of First’s operating expenses within the last 12 months.]

Pizza will be available at a pay what you can basis, and child care will be provided.

Policy 5.1 Budget Process ...
(i) the proposed annual budget will be posted to the Membership Section of the congregation website no less than seven (7) calendar days prior to the date of the general meeting at which the vote for approval is scheduled.
(ii) Alternate procedures will be developed for members without Internet connections or other accessibility restrictions, so they can attain access to the proposed budget, within the time limits set out at (i) above.






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