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Sun. 20 Nov, 2016 - Sat. 26 Nov, 2016

Sun. 20 Nov, 2016

"Now I Become Myself" (Sun. 20 Nov, 2016 10:30 am - 11:30 am)

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton.

I take as my sermon title this week the title of poet (and Unitarian) May Sarton’s poem, “Now I Become Myself.” In the poignant phrases that follow, she speaks to the journey at the heart of being human—the quest to become who we are. She also speaks of letting go, our theme for this month:

Now I become myself. It's taken
Time, many years and places;
I have been dissolved and shaken,
Worn other people's faces…

This week, I’ll explore what it means to become our true selves, in large part by our letting go of the idea that we can go it alone.

In faith and love,

Food to Share, Food for Thought (Sun. 20 Nov, 2016 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm)

A family-friendly food and film fest will take place in the library, brought to you by the Eco-Social Justice and Green Sanctuary Groups. We will be screening The Search for Sustainability, the first of a 12 part series on creating a sustainable future for all by filmmaker Nathan Crane, founder of the Panacea Community in New Mexico.

This Local Food Potluck and Film is presented as a joint effort by the Green Sanctuary Group and the Social Justice Committee.

Bring a dish or snack to share.

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