Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of nine volunteer members of the congregation who each serve a 3-year term. They are charged with focussing on the “Big Picture”, i.e., policies relating to the overall vision, goals and health of the congregation.

Moara BarrettTrustee, Vice-President of the BoardContact
Nathan CoxTrustee Contact
Bill Dunk-GreenTrusteeContact
Karen Dunk-GreenTrustee, President of the BoardContact
Sabina McAllisterTrustee, Secretary of the Board, Safe Steps LiaisonContact
Sorlie MadoxTrusteeContact
Darryl NeateTrustee, TreasurerContact
David PriebeTrustee, Funds Management LiaisonContact
Greg SuttorTrustee Contact

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Board of Trustees and Executive Committee

2019/2020 Board

Back row: Rev. Lynn Harrison (Associate Minister), Darryl Neate, Mary Anne Roche, Karen Dunk-Green, Sabina Hikel, Rev. Shawn Newton (Senior Minister)
Front row: Terri Marks, Greg Suttor, Nathan Cox, Bill Dunk-Green, Sorlie Madox