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Date Sermon Title and Description Preacher/Participant
December 27 The Year in Review - Listen Lay Chaplains Peter Brydon, Margaret Kohr & Margaret Rao
December 24
This Shining Night - Listen Rev. Shawn Newton
December 20 The Light of Truth - Listen Rev. Shawn Newton
December 13 The Fire of Commitment - Listen Rev. Shawn Newton
December 6 The Glow of Love -Listen
Reading: The Shells of Our Affection - Listen
Rev. Shawn Newton
November 29 The Warmth of Compassion - Listen Rev. Shawn Newton
November 22 The Urban Menace - Listen Rev. Shawn Newton
November 15 Test of Faith - Read Angela Klassen, Director of Lifespan Religious Education
November 8 Unimagined Change or Delayed Journey - Read, Listen Doug Buck
November 1 What They Dreamed Be Ours to Do - Listen Rev. Shawn Newton
October 25 Connecting the Dots: United Nations Sunday - Listen
Reflection by Elaine Harvey in Streaming Audio - Listen
Rev. Shawn Newton
October 18 For Giving and For Getting - Listen
Reading by Barbara Kingsolver - Listen
Rev. Shawn Newton
October 11 Giving Thanks for Small Miracles
Annual Bread Communion Service - Listen
The Rev. Peter Hughes
October 4 It's Up to Us! - Read, Listen Kalvin Drake, President of the Canadian Unitarian
September 27 Why Bother?! - Listen Rev. Shawn Newton
September 20 Text Appeal Rev. Shawn Newton
September 13 In the Moment
A Celebration of Water Communion
Rev. Shawn Newton
September 6 Beyond Belief: Confessions of a Religious Naturalist - Read Michael Battenberg
August 30 Is Faith Meant to be Kept? - Listen Rev. Shawn Newton
August 23 Is There Unity in Our Diversity?
Rev. Shawn Newton
August 16 Is There Meaning in Suffering? Rev. Shawn Newton
August 9 Is Happiness Our Aim? Rev. Shawn Newton
August 2 Is All the World a Stage? Tracey Erin Smith
July 26 The Liberal Heart of Islam Rev. John McCarthy, Summer Minister
July 19 Love and Intimacy in Community - Read Rev. John McCarthy
July 12 Fortune Favours the Brave - Read Rev. John McCarthy
July 5 Emerson in Our Lives - Read Rev. John McCarthy
June 28 Born in Heresy Dr. Marvin Anderson
June 21 Pride & Prejudice Rev. Shawn Newton
June 14 For Work That Is Real Rev. Shawn Newton
June 7 Flower Communion
A multigenerational celebration of spring and our Partner Church.
May 31 Phoenix Rising: Finding Renewal Within Youth Led Worship
May 24 This I Believe" Coming of Age Sunday Coming of Age Group
May 17 Refusing to Shame, Choosing to Claim Dr. Marvin Anderson
May 10 A Wing and a Prayer Rev. Shawn Newton
May 3 Be the Voice of Hope Dallas Bergen, Director of Music
April 26 We Are the Change Robbie Brydon and Worship Team
April 19 A Celebration of Earth Day First Unitarian Green Team
April 12 Our Saving Message Rev. Shawn Newton
April 5 What Makes for a Meaningful Da
(Shawn was in ministry with children and youth )
Barb Wentworth
March 29 What Price Perfection? Rev. Shawn Newton
March 22 Would I Shelter You? Would You Shelter Me?
A Conversation About Sanctuary
Rev. Shawn Newton
March 15 Fried Fish Last Night Dear?"
Peter is a UU minister from Rochester and a former Summer Minister at Toronto First.
Rev. Peter House
March 15 Rev. Katherine Britain, minister of our neighbouring congregation, St. Matthew's United Rev. Katherine Britain
March 8 Talking Our Walk
The Unitarian ministers of Southern Ontario exchanged pulpits this morning to honour the interdependence at the heart of our congregational polity. Shawn preached this morning in Peterborough, returning to preach the same sermon in Toronto in the evening. Rev. Kathy Sage is minister of Kingston Unitarian Fellowship.
 Rev. Kathy Sage
March 1 Moving Boulders in an Age of Climate Change: Farming a Future in the Hidden Himalayas Dr. Susan Walsh, Executive Director, USC Canada
March 1 The Increasing Light
A simple Pagan ritual, facilitated by members of Our Pagan Grove and Womynspirit, involving meditation, song, spiral dance and drumming. All were invited to bring along their drums or other percussion instruments. The service theme was Finding Hope in the Cold Time.
Kate Chung
February 22 Explaining Our Faith With Three Words Rev. Shawn Newton
February 15 Evolving Toward Enlightenment Rev. Shawn Newton
February 8 The Many Faces of Love Beth Ann McFadden and Vicky Sanderson
February 1 The Adventures of Reverend X Rev. Shawn Newton
January 25 The Sacrament of Small Groups Rev. Shawn Newton
January 18 Life Passages: Reflections on Life as a Lay Chaplain Our Lay Chaplains
January 11 Photography of the Spirit - Read Cameron Linton
January 11 To Act or Shut Down?
An Exploration of Pain and Interdependence
Melina Bondy
January 4 Our Annual Fire Communion Service Rev. Shawn Newton