Feeling at Home at First

The best way to truly feel at home here is to get involved in the life of the congregation. You can do that is by joining one of the many small groups or committees in the congregation. Small groups meet regularly, always welcome newcomers, and include a time to share your perspective with others. They are always large enough for an interesting discussion but intimate enough to get to know everyone well.

Newcomer Orientation

A friendly Newcomer Orientation takes place the first Sunday of every of month at 11:45 am in the Board Room. It’s a chance to share a cup of coffee, learn more about our congregation and ask any questions you may have.

Ideas, Concerns or Other Feedback

Whenever you have a Great Idea about anything relating to the life of our congregation — don’t hide your light under a bushel! Our community is the sum of our members’ best ideas. Check the list of key people in our Who’s Who section to determine who should hear it — or just ask the office volunteer for the best person to speak with.