These page shows links to sites that we think are cool, but that aren’t officially related to our congregation. If you’re interested in seeing the official sites from our denomination and our fellow congregations, please see Unitarian Organizations.


  • Illuminations, a Unitarian Universalist app, available on iOS and Android, features a virtual chalice and inspirational words.

Videos from YouTube:

  • Unitarianism Explained: Rev. David Usher, Unitarian London (UK) District Minister, explains that Unitarians believe in “Deeds, Not Creeds”.
  • Unitarian Universalism in 30 seconds: “I’m an atheist… a Buddhist… a Daoist… a Humanist… an Agnostic… But we all worship at the same church.”
  • Voices of a Liberal Faith: Different paths to Unitarian-Universalism e.g., “We came for our children; and we stayed for ourselves.”
  • You’re a Uni-What?: A multimedia presentation hosted by Peter Bowden and Amy Freedman, including testimonies by many UUs.
  • Why I Am UU: Part 1 and Part 2: Ten people begin to tell their stories.
  • An Open Source Faith: Unitarian Universalism provides us with principles that we can use to customize our lives. Tim Berners-Lee lives his UU principles by gifting his invention of the World Wide Web to the world.
  • People of Faith, Standing on the Side of Love: A Gospel music slide showing UU tributes to Equal Marriage in the USA

Other Cool Sites: